We make huge money online using Facebook and ClixSense! Don't believe me? You gotta keep scrolling below.

I won't risk my real name if i'm not earning on this. Better see this payment proof via PayPal, and Union Bank below:
 ClixSense Payments Via PayPal - February 7, 2011

 ClixSense Transaction History - January 2012

 ClixSense via PayPal Payments - January 2012

 PayPal to Union Bank Transfer - February 7, 2011

Got your attention? We're not joking, it's real. We only teach those who are interested only.

If you are interested about this then:
- stop facebooking for a while
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We'll here it is! Dont miss this opportunity! Just follow the steps and you are ready.

STEP 1 - Create a PTC Account which is ClixSense. Click the correct link that suits you below.
If incase ClixSense required you to have a PayPal account then proceed to step 2. Step 2 is for the purpose of earning withdrawal. If you want to create a PayPal now then proceed.

STEP 2 - Create a "personal" PayPal Account here:
  • Sign-up for PayPal
  • Choose "For Shopping" type of account
  • Fill your real informations
  • "Go to your account" after completion
  • Confirm/activate your PayPal account
  • "Skip credit card" info if prompted
Now, the earning part. To earn on ClixSense. You must do the step 3 as it is required process. Proceed to step 3.
STEP 3 - Log-in your ClixSense. Familiarize the site and learn the navigation for a few minutes. You should know that there are multiple ways to earn on ClixSense.
  • View Ads
    ClixSense pays its users to view advertisers ads worth $0.025 per click and up. To avail for this go to 'Account >> View ads'.
  • Do Micro Tasks
    ClixSense is partnered to CloudFlower, a crowdsourcing company which pays its users per task completed worth $0.03 - $1.00 per task. To avail for this go to 'Account >> Task'.
  • Do Offers
    ClixSense are partnered to companies which pays users to complete offers like downloads, installs, shopping, online payments, radio, etc worth $0.30 - $1.00+. To avail for this go to 'Account >> Offers'.
  • Answer Surveys
    ClixSense runs a survey laboratory which is partnered to various survey companies like Nielsen, Samplicio.us and etc. Users are paid to answer 30 minute surveys worth $1.00+ . To avail for this go to 'Account >> Surveys'.
  • Watch Videos
    Get paid to watch available videos. Go to 'account >> watch videos' at the upper right side corner.
  • Refer/invite people
    Here comes the best part. Using your referal link (affiliate link) found at your main account page (the red link), copy it and share it to everyone. For me i post it on Facebook pages, groups, and some classified ads like OLX.ph. You will earn 10% to 20% commission of your referal (downline) earning up to 8 levels deep. They click, you earn, they do offers and tasks you still earn! I already have 2000+ referals, that's why i earn that huge amount daily.
  • And more! Like ClixGrid, Checklist bonuses, weekly contests, prizes etc.

STEP 4 - Log-out, and repeat everyday!

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